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64 Studio Ltd. produces bespoke GNU/Linux distributions which are compatible with official Debian and Ubuntu releases. Specialising in multimedia and digital content creation platforms which we develop for our OEM partners, they also offer support, documentation services and consultancy. Their software is already included in several shipping products in the professional audio market, with more to follow. In addition, they offer a free download product which has won critical acclaim for its stability and high performance.

Thinking of giving our free distro a try? You can download an installer for version 2.1 (both 64-bit and 32-bit versions). This will install Debian with X.org, the Gnome desktop, Linux kernel 2.6.21 with realtime preemption patches (including a realtime SMP kernel for AMD64 and Intel 64 dual core and multi-processor machines) and a selection of creative applications. These applications cover audio and music, video, 2D and 3D graphics, publishing for the web or print, and the internet and office tools a creative user is likely to need for their daily work. Adding your favourite packages from Debian Etch is as easy as apt-get, or a few clicks in Synaptic.

Please note that these releases are free software, and come with no warranty. However, the software is stable and is in daily use by thousands of creative people around the world. If you would like to send feedback or make a suggestion for improvement, please subscribe to one of their mailing lists or try the forums on this site. For other communication, please have a look at the contacts page. Developers and users who are interested in getting involved with the 64 Studio project are most welcome. Come and get it

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