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The C4C Lubuntu ReSpin is a Christian Linux distribution based on Lubuntu (light Ubuntu). This Ubuntu derivative is stable, free, and easily installed on most any computer manufactured in the last decade. It includes an array of Christian software and media, as well as useful secular packages.


Bible Desktop, Diatheke, Verse, Wide Margin and Xiphos are included to help the C4C user with Bible study, and a great many works (listed below) are pre-loaded and pre-indexed, so they are quickly searchable right-away.

Works include Bibles AKJV, BBE, KJV, NHEB and WEB; Commentaries MHC, NETnotesfree, Personal and TFG; Daily Devotionals DBD and SME; Dictionaries MLStrong, Robinson, StrongsGreek and StrongsHebrew; General Books MollColossions and Pilgram; and Maps ABSMaps, eBibleTeacherMaps, EpiphanyMaps, HistMidEast, KretzmannMaps, NETMaps, SmithBibleAtlas and SonLightFreeMaps.

140 Christian Games: Bible Knowledge Games and Bible Verse Maze Quest Games play in the Firefox web browser. The 12 Apostles Quiz and Memory Game, Fun Bible Stuff and Flash Bible Games play in Gnash.

C4C also features the entire Audio Bible [WEB] and Gospel of John and John 1, 2 and 3 teachings on MP3, new believer and discipleship materials in PDF and OGG, FLV and SWF formatted Christian Videos.


Catfish, FileZilla, Geany, GIMP, Gnash, GnuCash, Gufw, Inkscape, LibreOffice, numlockx, OpenJDK Java 11, p7Zip, pkexec, PulseAudio Volume Control, Scribus, Screenshot, Synaptic Package Manager, Systemback, Thunderbird, VLC, Xpdf and XScreenSaver.

The FoxFilter extension is included in the Firefox web browser to filter out inappropriate content on the web. Default search engine is DuckDuckGo, but also included is Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, Kiddle, KidzSearch,, Ubuntu Manpages and Linux Manpages. And Firefox is loaded with hundreds of categorized bookmarks to inform and educate the C4C user. From learning about Linux to learning about the Lord - it's in there.

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