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CloudUSB Computer

Keep your data and your programs in your pocket; use them on every computer you find without worrying about letting around some unwanted logs and this without giving away your data security or privacy!

CloudUSB answers to the following questions:

Do you want to have your computer and your data in your pocket?
Do you want an online automatic backup?
Do you want to protect your data security and privacy from unauthorized access?
Keep reading: this could be YOUR solution!


  • a USB key containing your operating environment and your data
  • a protected folder so nobody can access you data, even if you lost the key
  • a backup program which keeps a copy of your data on an online disk, with double password protection
  • ... and everything for FREE!

Howto use it

To make it short

  • connect your CloudUSB to a PC
  • boot it from USB and use your system as a normal Linux system
  • put in the data folder all your NON sensitive data
  • put in the private-data folder all your sensitive data

That's all!

The default login username and password are both “cloudusb”

Less short explanation

The configured CloudUSB is very easy to use; it comes as a Linux system on USB stick, configured in persistent mode: it behaves as a standard hard-disk installation which means that you can write documents, modify settings and they will be saved on the key for the next time you use it, as in your desktop PC!

After you have configured your dropbox account and your private data folder you will get 2 folders on your desktop: a data folder and a private-data. They are both syncronized by Dropbox on their online server, so if you lose your key, you have an on-line backup, or you can work on the same data both from CloudUSB key and from your desktop computer (if this is connected to the same Dropbox account)

You could have some perplexities to send your data on a remote server, via Internet, but in this case you just put your sensitive data in the private-data folder: this folder is protected by a password, the data you put in is crypted locally, and sent over the Internet to the Dropbox storage in crypted form.

The data in the private-folder is stored in a crypted format even locally in the USB key, and made available only if you login in the system with the correct password.

Note that if you lose the usb key, and someone access your data, he will NOT see your private data!

Click here to go to their official website.

All donations go towards the expansion project of Linux Freedom