DaxOS Linux

Welcome to the mirror for DaxOS Linux

Dax OS is a lightweight distro, uses enlightenment as desktop and window manager, the resources consumed are minimal, 128 MB of RAM minimum and recommended 256-512 MB hard disk space 3GB, 5GB recommended.

Our online services are varied, among them are the Dax OS Store, the online software center where descargaréis one-click simple software. The search engine, powerful search tool that unites social networking and multimedia sites so you can find whatever intuitively. Dax OS Development Platform, with which is intended to encourage the development of applications, games and others, a private cloud where it will be studied and evaluated before being released.


  • Free and open operating system
  • Virus-free
  • Periodic updates
  • Firefox Web Browser
  • Andromeda Desktop Environment
  • Dax OS Store
  • Medusa Text Editor
  • Dax OS Widgets
  • Cassandra Music Player
  • Lightweight and light
  • Innovative

No Viruses

Dax OS being based on Linux / Gnu has a great security to the majority of malware or virus.


Thousands of applications are available to you with Synaptic Package Manager can download them with one click, Dax OS Store, online software center is under construction. .


Dax OS is continuously updated both ubuntu channels of distribution themselves, as is the OS Store Dax, keeping your system up to date and correcting errors.


From Dax the new version of OS, the desktop environment as well as many of the applications that will bring defects gambas3 be developed in a simple and powerful language.

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All donations go towards the expansion project of Linux Freedom