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Desktop Operating System

Depth operating system desktop version is the depth of technology release easy to use, safe and reliable domestic operating system, the system can support x86 and Godson and other domestic CPU platform, can replace the Microsoft Windows operating system to meet the needs of different users of the work and entertainment.

Product Advantages

  • Great looking aesthetic design and easy to use experience, easy to install and use;
  • Completely independent research and development of the innovative depth of the desktop environment;
  • Independent research and development of deep music, deep theater, depth of translation, depth screenshots and other functional software;
  • Integrated depth software store, quick installation of desktop applications;
  • Built-in WPS, Sogou input method, proper way dictionary, Tencent QQ and other domestic commonly used software.

More Compatible

  • Support the vast majority of commonly used hardware, can provide special hardware-driven migration development;
  • Based on DeepinWine technology, running a large number of Windows platform software;
  • Support great wisdom, flush, QQ, RTX, Thunder, Mito Xiu Xiu, Fu Xin reader;
  • The minimum migration costs, the most easy to be accepted by ordinary users habits.

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