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What is Dream Linux?

  • Dreamlinux is a free, modern and modular GNU/Linux system. It can be run directly from a CD/DVD/USBStick and optionally be installed to a HDD, including IDE, SCSI, SATA, PATA and USB drives.
  • Dreamlinux comes with a selection of the best applications designed to meet most of your daily needs. Dreamlinux is based on the venerable Debian Operating System. This means it takes advantage of Debian's best features and adds its own modern development tools, system scripts and applications.
  • Dreamlinux is based on the venerable Debian Operating System. This means it takes advantage of Debian's best features and adds its own modern development tools, system scripts and applications.
  • Dreamlinux Desktop Edition 3.5 comes with XFCE Desktop Environment as default. However, nothing prevents anyone from using other desktop environments, thanks to Dreamlinux's modular architecture. For example, you'll find Gnome Desktop Environment available as an XFCE replacement. Shortly, we will make LXDE, TDE and Fluxbox available as well.

Multimedia resources
Dreamlinux comes with all the codecs and media players needed for a good multimedia experience.

If you're searching for an operating system that allows the freedom of worldwide communication; to use the same types of material produced by a worldwide community to read, write and produce art, drawings, images, music etc... better yet; to easily, quickly and safely share them all, you will now have no excuse to not give Dreamlinux 3.5 Desktop Edition a try.

Dreamlinux Desktop Edition 3.5 is a complete redesign of the distro, now supporting a totally independent architecture named Flexiboost* , based on overlaid modules.

This Flexiboost modules' feature allows the co-existence of two or more window managers (currently Gnome and Xfce) and to share the same customized appearance. Both desktop working environments share all the applications available.

Packaging the best office, image, design and multimedia OpenSource Software (OSS), Dreamlinux 3.5 Desktop Edition allows you to produce professional-quality contents.

Integrating the test-proven Linux OS base with a well organized and clean Desktop, you will experience a new way of interacting with and utilizing your

Flash Install

Dreamlinux installs in any portables devices, USB flash cards, SDDs or HDDs USB.
By using our new "Dream On A Pen" philosophy you can boot your Dreamlinux on any computer that is able to boot from a pen-drive.

Besides, once running from a pen-drive, you will be able to keep your data safe inside it. All you need to do is create folders to store your data, music, videos, you name it. They not only will be accessible inside your Dreamlinux pen-drive Operating System, they can be read in any other computer running any Linux distro.

Hold on, we haven't finished yet! Thanks to our exclusive Flexiboost Technology
you can download additional modules full of applications and simply drag them inside the pen-drive, without the need to reinstall. The applications will show immediately in the menu, what extends dramatically the power and usefulness of Dreamlinux. To know what modules are currently available check the box "Additional Application' s Modules".

Portable Dream in a Dreamlinux concept of having a full Dreamlinux installation embedded in a pen drive, SD Card, Compact Flash card or USB HDD.

With Dreamlinux fully installed and running in such devices you can literally have it on your pocket!

So, no more complaints from your colleagues that you are trying to "destroy" their machines installing Dreamlinux alongside of THAT other Operating System. Now you only use his/her box as a host to the beautiful Linux of your dreams!

And if you need to even have a common place to share files between the two operating system, it's just a
matter of pre-divide your device in more than one partition, install Dreamlinux in one or two of them using either Dreamlinux Installer (DLI for short) or DLI_OEM Installer (DLI_OEM for short) and there you go!

When using the classical DLI, choose the option "External Disk (full portable DL). It's advisable to use ext2 as the partition for Dreamlinux, when installing to a pen drive or any Flash type device. This simple care will make your device's life longer. In such case you should not use a swap partition as well, since it cause the disk to be
read and write a lot, decreasing its life endurance. However, you are not prevented from using any partition and partition filesystems scheme you wish. It's a free world and you are a free person moving on the free and open environment of Linux!

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