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Welcome to Dreamstep OS!

This 64 bit OS is based on Debian and the latest Window Maker from Debian, originally from sources put out by Carlos Mafra and crew. It includes several custom apps, as well as a custom desktop layout. A custom package manager is also in the works. To aid those new to DreamStep and Window Maker (and Linux) a detailed User's Guide is included.
Debian + Window Maker...A Perfect Match!

Debian has proven to be the perfect base to build an awesome Window Maker setup on. Of all the major distros out there, I feel Window Maker has the best support on Debian. I've tried Window Maker on other distros and was not pleased with the outcome.

Unlike the work I did for my old distro, Liquid Lemur, Dreamstep OS is a hybrid of sorts, and comes on DVD only. It will come with most everyday apps and tools pre-installed. Some will no doubt consider this bloat and they would be right. But why download a distro and then have to install all the apps you normally use. I know some will prefer different apps for certain tasks and wish for the old Lemur ways. Well, part of the old Lemur ways are still there...along with the new Dreamstep OS ways. I tried to compromise.

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