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easys gnu/linux - far too easy

Welcome to the mirror of easys GNU/Linux, the modern Open Source desktop operating system. easys offers a bunch of new concepts and improvements that lets you be more productive with your computer system than ever before.

Starting up with their well structured installation program, even a computer novice is able to perform an installation of this professional Linux operating system. Only with a few mouse clicks.

They make use of a highly awarded desktop environment which has been customized for easier usage. After a default install, easys offers single-purpose applications instead of including several similar utilities that may lead to confusion.

With easys you can listen to your music, surf the web, chat, make documents, watch movies and much more.

easys GNU/Linux is Slackware-based. Slackware is the oldest surviving and active distribution. Some of its outstanding features are: stability, speed, ease of use, ease of maintenance and long time security support. The Slackware packages used in easys are unmodified, so 100% compatibility is guaranteed.

They offer a transparent development process and are interested in communicating with our userbase.

All donations go towards the expansion project of Linux Freedom