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gnuArtist is an artistic distribution like OpenArtist and ArtistX, providing the end-user with tools for digital content creation. The software provided grew out of what these distributions lacked (or in some cases too much software). However, its main purpose is to demonstrate how open-source software can be used to replace the need for traditional commercial software for anything dealing with digital media.

Xubuntu at its heart

gnuArtist is a highly customized setup of Xubuntu 8.04.3 (32-bit alternative install), to ensure a lightweight and stable environment for people who want stability and productivity. Any future versions will be based on the LTS versions of Ubuntu (rather than normal releases). This decision is to provide better stability and also allow more time for its overall design and development.

“Easy on the Eyes” GTK Theme

The default GTK theme is Aurora BlueGrey, which provides a nice neutral grey theme that is "easy-on-the-eyes". This was inspired from the EMRays theme, which is made for users in a color/contrast working environment. AdriX is the default icon theme. Other GTK themes have been provided, to provide variety for the end-user.

Slogan & Logo

The logo of gnuArtist is a graphics tablet & pen, showing an artistic eye, with the words “gnuArtist” in calligraphic writing, and the slogan “Unleash your creativity”. The idea of the tablet came from one of primary features of gnuArtist - the default setup of Wacom Control Panel & Gnome Graphics Tablet Apps, which provide control for pressure sensitivity. This feature was tested using a Wacom Graphire 4 CTE-640. Other tablets cannot be confirmed, but should work with default wacom-tools drivers installed.

Unique Software Selection

The software selection for gnuArtisit was not an easy task. It grew out of using OpenArtist, where there was simply too much choice, and ArtistX, where there was less choice, but not enough. In short, it provides the end user with software that is useful and versatile, but not too much software to overwhelm any first-time users of Linux, but enough for experienced users to go to immediate work. The software categories include the following:

  • Audio – (Editing, Recording & Music Composition)
  • Video - (Editing, Capture & Conversion)
  • 3D Modeling & Animation
  • Image Editing & Digital Paint
  • Font Creation & Management
  • Animation (2D Vector & Traditional)
  • HTML/Programming & Web-Design
  • Internet & Networking
  • Multimedia Players
  • DVD Authoring & Backup

(Special Note: The "Bundled software" link above provides a better software overview.)

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