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What is Greenie Linux?

Greenie linux is free operational system assigned for everyday usage in households of Middle Europe. It is based on popular system called Ubuntu.


Project is not very deeply rooted yet. First experiments were called Elvenbuntu. This system was only "first-fruit" and has existed only for short period of time. For the real beginning of the project Greenie Linux - that time called Green Linux, we can consider the date of 14th September 2007. Today, only few days after, Linux has few testing releases, its own philosophy and a group of people with common thinking is forming around.


Greenie Linux has a different philosophy in comparison to his base Ubuntu. The main philosophy is possibility to choose. Usually a man has at least 2 possibilities. It's regular when choosing the software, version of distribution or the way how to work with the system. Greenie is OS which appreciate free software and that's why his basic version is absolutely free. At the same time there is a version where the free software exists with a software which is non-free. Possibility to choose is always up to user of Greenie.

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