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Kahel OS is based on Arch Linux.

Kahel OS is the first and remains to be the only Filipino Linux Distro with the rolling release model on Arch Linux + GNOME. In the community, it is the first to release (non-beta) such Linux OS on Arch Linux + GNOME.

Kahel OS is not just an Operating System so to speak. IT is not just a Technology Product on a Linux and Open Source Platform added to the thousands of FREE Distros already available in the community. IT does not explicitly want to be different or to be set apart from the rest. However, among others, we simply would like Kahel OS (just like our team) to be the embodiment of our IT Values and Philosophy.

It is also a gift and a manifestation of the collaborating Filipino spirit that believes in the competence of the Global IT Community.

As an open source software, KahelOS shall therefore maintain to remain free of charge with an active community to support it.

Join the KahelOS Forum at http://www.kahelos.org/forum.


Behind KahelOS is a Philosophy

Is there a need to lay down one's Philosophy in this age of Technology?

Is it essential to discuss our own when all we want is just to have our Philosophy reflected in what we do, how we do it and why we did it?

The question then remains, do we have a Philosophy that we can call our own?

This is what we believe: KahelOS is a technological work and a philosophical manifestation.

  • Kahel is against the injudicious measure of software monopoly. Kahel recognizes that a software that is available for ALL is not a profit loss but a credibility gained.
  • Kahel is against the misguided rationalization of software piracy. The choice between "free and open source" vs "illegal copies" is not about cost. It is about performance, values and utility. You are what you choose to download or use.
  • Kahel is against the misplaced labels in the values of information technology. Kahel believes that there is a Linux OS right for you. In the same way that life and living is all about choices and the choices that you make reflects you.Your choice is dependent on your palate and your need. If Kahel fits your taste, style and requirement, then Kahel is the Linux OS for you.
  • Kahel is against the complacent and apathetic effort to make an informed decision. KahelOS recognizes and gives high regard to competence, innovation and sharing what one has learned and found out along the way for the greater good. Kahel may not be the "perfect" fit for you, but you can make it just as perfect as you want it to be...
  • KahelOS likes simplicity, lightness and readiness of use for end-users. But it doesn't like spoon feeding.
  • KahelOS likes to spark critical thinking and yield towards the needed change.

Because, KahelOS is Open For Change. One other thing we believe is: We can never escape from change but rather evolve with the changing times.

Why Kahel OS and Why not?

Yes, we know, we know. There are hundreds of distros available. So what makes Kahel OS Linux Distribution a little (if not much) different from the already available ones?

We cannot distinguish distinctly who should use Kahel OS or who is it for yet we darn know that:

1. Kahel OS is not for the lazy and ignorant.
2. Kahel OS is not for those who do not like to learn (spare a few days) and is not a fan of innovation.
3. Kahel Os is not for those who only dares try it, may be dissatisfied but does not give his/ her comment or input on why he is dissatisfied/ dislikes it, so as IT could improve.
4. Kahel OS is not for those who prefers pirated OS because he/ she does not like to purchase one.
5. Kahel OS is not for those who can spare money for Desktop OS, but could not think of others and spare money for relevant causes on learning and education (because he/she thinks, it's not his/her job, it's the Government's.)
6. Kahel OS is not for those with a closed mind and perspective.
7. Kahel OS is not for those Filipinos who believes that a Filipino can only make it if you're not in the Philippines.
8. Kahel OS is not for those who are already happy and content with their current Desktop OS and you feel it's not worth keeping your options OPEN.

But then again, you ask us "Why should one try out Kahel OS?"

Here are 8 reasons:

1. It is based on a Rolling Release Model - Genuine Upstream Source

You do not need to wait for months or for the next OS release to be updated with the newest applications available. (1) effortless updates of applications, and, (2) lesser time and MBs spent on getting the most recent available application and kernel releases.
2. Utilizing the Linux Kernel 2.6.32, and get updated to the latest kernel release

This means that there will be more devices/ drivers that could be supported. WIMAX is one of them (please read this separately for your appreciation). WIMAX of which is an emerging broadband wireless standard supported and included in this kernel. Fast Boot. Boot up is under 10 seconds (Environment Friendly).

3. Kahel OS Desktop is using all the default and suggested applications for Gnome, which makes everything tightly integrated. Default Gnome Applications for Office, Multi-Media and Web- Browsing.

This is most likely appreciated by already Linux Users but for the layman, necessary applications are already in place upon boot up of the Kahel OS. However, you can still be able to install other Linux Applications.

4. Supports for latest NILFS2, BTRFS by default. Support for Next Generation Technologies.

This implies that applications are provided with improved filesystem scalibility and performance.
5. Utilizing Pacman and gtkpacman With the Pacman and gtkpacman, easy installation of applications is enabled.
6. Source Code Installation-Capable

This simply implies that if you have favorite applications (you need not compile), all you need to do is type yourt (with the application name) on the console and voila, your application is installed and ready to use.
7. All applications is i686 and x86-64 optimized.

With the availability of the Technology of the New CPU's in the market, special features such as multi-threading are put to use and maximized because all applications are compiled on i686. Thus, Applications run very fast. No backward compatibility bottleneck.

8. Most of all, IT is FREE as IT is our gift to all. IT is an innovation of a dedicated and passionate team that espouses the same values and philosophy Kahel OS has.


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All donations go towards the expansion project of Linux Freedom