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Liquid Lemur Linux (Lemur) is a custom Debian distro, based on the Stable branch. Currently we have one desktop available, Window Maker. Available in 64bit (amd64). Lemur includes the latest Window Maker, Debian kernel, and lots of custom scripts/artwork. It was created to fill the void left behind by others in the same class. The goal was simple...create a fairly fast and functional base distro, that was also pleasing to the eyes. Liquid Lemur was never intended to be a "Beginner's" distro. However, anyone familiar with Linux should be able to figure it out. We also offer help, via this site, to those that may need it. At the same time, we also accept help and suggestions from others that may have more experience in the field...as we are by no means "experts."

Liquid Lemur is a hybrid of sorts. Taking bits and pieces from many other distros, to build a more complete package. It is just a toddler in the distro world, but continues to evolve with each release. We welcome the ideas and suggestions from the community. Although we may not use them, we will at least listen.

The name Liquid Lemur came from me wanting a name that conveyed attitude, spunk, speed, intelligence, beauty, and community. A Lemur is all that and more. While I knew Lemur was to be a big part of the name, I had no idea what else to add. So, I Googled for one of those sites where you enter a bunch of words and it creates a name. I forget the site, but can look it up if someone would like to see it. Long story short, Liquid Lemur was in the long list of possible names, and it caught my eye.

A major goal of Liquid Lemur is to provide a BASE distro from which one can build a custom desktop setup with the click of a button. For that, we created Easy Editions (now known as Easy Lemur) that allows one to install various, custom setups and add-ons. It also has some utility scripts for maintaining Liquid Lemur and making it easier to update / upgrade. The Easy Lemur app is functional, but not complete. We are still fine tuning it and should have it working completely by Liquid Lemur 1.0 final.

Liquid Lemur is still a bit rough around the edges. But, thanks to the community Liquid Lemur will get better...

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