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Moblin is an open source project focused on building a Linux-based platform optimized for the next generation of mobile devices including Netbooks, Mobile Internet Devices, and In-vehicle infotainment systems.

The Moblin Architecture is designed to support multiple platforms and usage models ranging from Netbooks to Mobile Internet Devices (MID), to various embedded usage models, such as the In Vehicle Infotainment systems. The central piece of the architecture is the common layer we call "Moblin Core", a hardware and usage model independent layer that provides one uniform way to develop such devices. Underneath the Moblin Core sits the Linux kernel and device drivers specific to the hardware platform, and above the Moblin Core are the specific user interface and user interaction model for the target device.

Architecture Overview

Moblin Core provides a number of open source libraries and application services to form highly functional building blocks for the fast creation of specific devices.
Such functionality includes

  • Base graphics, text rendering and windowing system
  • Classic Desktop style user interface toolkit
  • Modern 3D based organic user interface toolkit
  • PIM server and client libraries
  • Multimedia management playback libraries with OpenGL integration
  • Networking subsystem with connection management
  • Power management
  • Fast boot technology
  • Services discovery, inter application messaging, UPnP stack
  • Location and Geo based services
  • Telephony

Planned improvements

  • Device synchronization
  • Web services connectivity
  • Web rendering components

Moblin Core

Moblin Core is the heart of the Moblin software platform. It provides a feature rich common base shared among form factor-specific platform implementations, such as netbooks, MIDs, and automotive. Moblin Core consists of platform libraries and application services providing rich functional platform building blocks. It does not provide application user interfaces or specific user interaction shells. Such functionality is provided by a platform-specific implementation, produced by Moblin or a third party.

Moblin Core is built on the GNOME Mobile platform, extending and enriching it with Intel open source technologies like Clutter, GUPnP, and Atom specific technologies, such as graphics, fast boot, and power saving.

Moblin Core will follow the GNOME Mobile 6 month release cycle (starting with 2.26 in 2009) staying in sync, retaining compatibility and contributing improvements back to the GNOME Mobile and Desktop platforms. Moblin Core itself is expected to grow and mature as actual platform implementations are created, starting with Moblin NetBook.

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