Netrunner Linux

Welcome to the mirror for Netrunner Linux

Netrunner is built on Kubuntu with default integration of Gnome and Wine. Our focus is on new users as well as “power-users”, making KDE an ideal choice.

It allows Netrunner to feel comfortable for a new user, while still offering powerful customization options (with inclusion of additional add-ons) to any user wanting to explore the possibilities of FLOSS.

We go by the principles

  • Power-up, not dumb-down
  • Include add-ons, codecs, customizations
  • Avoid lock-ins, favor free(libre) alternatives if possible

The Core

Netrunner is built on Kubuntu/Ubuntu/Debian core.
This allows us to inherit a lot of the under-the-hood work that the respective communities put in.
With Netrunner, Kubuntu and parts of KDE being sponsored by Blue Systems, we can innovate the KDE Workspace and bring new parts into Netrunner early on.

Desktop and Window Themes

For the Window Decoration, we are goinf to take full advantage of the new KWin Aurorae3 Theme Engine.
The default Oxygen theme also has been updated with KDE 4.10 and introduces a fresh new look.

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All donations go towards the expansion project of Linux Freedom