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Welcome to the mirror for PC/OS

PC/OS roots are derived from the Ubuntu distribution. Ubuntu is created and maintained by Canonical Inc. and has a vast community support system. By basing PC/OS on this outstanding base we cover two grounds, a lot of the problems and fixes are in line with Ubuntu. Many fixes for Ubuntu and Xubuntu work on PC/OS. All software compiled for Ubuntu runs on PC/OS and should anything happen to PC/OS users can still get their fixes from Canonical and maintain their distribution and makes the migration smoother. The desktop is based off of XFCE and is laid out similar to the BeOS. PC/OS does not aim to be a ground up reimplimentation of the BeOS but to be as simple to use as the BeOS was. The XFCE desktop is light,modern and powerful. It can be used to power the newest workstations as well as older hardware allowing you to get the maximum potential out of your investment.

What can I do with PC/OS

It is your computer, do with it what you want. if you want to watch that Windows Media file, go right ahead. Your music files not in .ogg, thats fine by us. Do you want to watch that flash video on YouTube? go ahead.

Of course, we do encourage the open route. Open Source doesnt survive without contribution but you as users should have the freedom to do whatever it is you want to do.

We also encourage consistency. XFCE is our desktop, not GNOME, not KDE, not TWM, not PWM. of course in accordance with our first part of the mission statement the others are available for download and installation.

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