PureOS Linux

Welcome to the mirror for PureOS Linux

PureOS is a GNU/Linux liveCD, it allows the user to discover and use a GNU/Linux operating system without modifying the contents of the hard-disk.

Intended for a general public,
this liveCD can also be used as a liveUSB or be installed on the hard-disk.

It's based on Debian (testing branch), built with the
Linux-Live scripts and distributed under GPL license.

Main features:
- Kernel 3.3.6
- Gnome 3.4.2


- LibreOffice 3.5.4 : Calc, Draw, Impress and Writer


- Iceweasel 13.0
- Icedove 10.0
- Transmission
- FileZilla

- Banshee
- Brasero

- GIMP 2.8.0
- Evince
- Eye of Gnome

- GParted
- smxi/sgfxi scripts
- scripts and Nautilus actions for modules management: activate, debs2lzm, debs2lzm-file, dir2lzm, lzm2dir et find2lzm (thanks to Nico from Linux-live-CD)

Artwork, thanks to:
- KEIII-RU for the Gnome Shell theme Default Mod
- lassekongo83 for the GTK3 theme Zukitwo
- nubeek for the wallpaper Curtains
and tiheum for the Faience icon theme

Click here to go to their official website.

All donations go towards the expansion project of Linux Freedom