Linux Freedom Presents: SharkLinux


Built over Ubuntu LTS. A Continual Release OS.

Shark or Chameleon

SharkLinux offers countless features underneath the hood. Whether you're a casual user looking for a top level desktop experience or a developer looking to make the next great application, SharkLinux has you covered. Built on Xenial LTS, SharkLinux has the most supported foundation available within a Linux environment and is guaranteed to see support/updates until 2021.

Never Boxed In

Sometimes containers or VM's just won't do. A shark wasn't meant to live in a box and neither will SharkLinux. SL comes equipped with "Alien"; a tool to convert packages from other linux variants to our native .deb format, meaning that rpm package can be used directly on your system.

Missing Something

Prefer to use a different program than what's included? Swap it out! SharkLinux makes software access a snap. App Grid offers an exceptional alternative to Ubuntu's native software centre, synatpic provides thousands of package options and to make life easier our repository is packed with applications normally only available by hunting down 3rd party sources.


SharkLinux has multiple qualities that make it unique from Ubuntu and other derivatives. Unlike Ubuntu and many variants, SharkLinux does not have a strict policy regarding software being exclusively open-source. The distribution maintains its own exclusive software repo, thus some software not offered in any official Ubuntu Repo are either included by default in official releases or easily installed via command line. Examples include Google Chrome and MEGASync.

Simplified Commands

A unique command set is also available while using the terminal. These often combine existing commands into a single action or simply shortening the command for convenience. Some shortened commands also incorporate the relaxed sudo policy. Most notably the apt-based commands usually can be executed by calling on the action and omit the need of added arguments. Install, uninstall (remove), purge and search can be executed as single word arguments. Combinations are also used within the package manager. For instance, typing “upgrade” into the terminal both updates the apt cache and performs any available package upgrades. While there are many commands exclusive to SharkLinux, none of Ubuntu equivalents are disabled and any commands used in Ubuntu would work in SharkLinux. To illustrate the changes, some examples are provided below in comparison to the Ubuntu equivalent.

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