Solydxk Linux

Welcome to the mirror for SolydXK Linux

SolydX and SolydK are Debian based distributions with the Xfce and KDE desktop.

SolydXK aims to be simple in use, providing an environment that is both stable and secure.
SolydXK is an open source alternative for small businesses, non-profit organizations and home users.

A bit of history

You find SolydXK’s roots in another great distribution: Linux Mint.

There were two distributions which I liked very much: Linux Mint KDE and Linux Mint Debian Edition. There were once rumors that the two would merge, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. So, I decided to make my own distribution. First as a tutorial in the forum, but later it became known as “The unofficial LMDE KDE”. When Linux Mint dropped their LMDE Xfce edition, I started that one from scratch and “The unofficial LMDE Xfce” was born.

Both these editions were mainly created with the help of the community. Without them they simply wouldn’t exist. Especially with the Xfce edition where the community decided which software was to be included and which software not. So, these distributions are really community driven.

When it became clear that the unofficial editions were not going to become official I decided to take the next step and let these great distributions stand on their own two feet and the unofficials got their proper names: SolydX and SolydK.

SolydXK will not forget it’s roots. SolydXK and Linux Mint closely work together to make our distributions even better.

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All donations go towards the expansion project of Linux Freedom