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Linux Distribution
64 Studio Ltd. produces bespoke GNU/Linux distributions which are compatible with official Debian and Ubuntu releases. Specialising in multimedia and digital content creation platforms which we develop for our OEM partners, we also offer support, documentation services and consultancy. Our software is already included in several shipping products in the professional audio market, with more to follow.
Absolute is a modification of Slackware but has a much simplified installer. The desktop oriented with common-use apllications pre installed and configured.
Arch Linux is an independently developed i686/x86-64 optimized community distribution, based on a rolling-release package model and targeted at competent GNU/Linux users. Development focuses on a balance of minimalism, elegance, code correctness and modernity. Version 0.1 (Homer) was released March 11, 2002.
Antergos Linux

The purpose of Antergos is to provide a modern, elegant, and powerful operating system based on one of the best Linux distributions available, Arch Linux. Users need not be linux experts nor developers in order to use Antergos. From long-time linux users to linux users of only a few months, Antergos is for everyone.

antiX Linux

antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to install systemd-free linux live CD distribution based on Debian Stable for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems. antiX offers users the “antiX Magic” in an environment suitable for old and new computers. So don’t throw away that old computer yet. The goal of antiX is to provide a light, but fully functional and flexible free operating system for both newcomers and experienced users of Linux.

AV Linux

AV Linux is a free shared downloadable and installable snapshot ISO image based on Debian/GNU Linux pre-configured to be a turnkey AV content creation system pre-configured and ready to “Install and Create”. Future AVL development will focus on Debian ‘Buster’ and 64bit only. In the meantime I think this 2019.4.10 version will provide a fast, stable well prepared platform for AV Content creation for quite some time.


AUSTRUMI (Austrum Latvijas Linukss) is a business card size (the current size is 93MB) bootable live CD Linux distribution. It is based on Slackware. The current official release of Austrumi Linux is 1.8.0. It requires limited system resources and can run on any Intel-compatible system with a CD-ROM installed.

Backbox Linux
BackBox is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It has been developed to perform penetration tests and security assessments. Designed to be fast, easy to use and provide a minimal yet complete desktop environment, thanks to its own software repositories, always being updated to the latest stable version...
BackTrack Linux
BackTrack is the most top rated linux live distribution focused on penetration testing. With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes.
BlueWhite Linux
This new version of Bluewhite64 brings many new and interesting features, improvements and packages updates. I like to share with you just a few and the important ones, but if you are interested to see all of them you have to download and install Bluewhite64 13.0.
Byzantium Linux
Byzantium is a portable live Linux distribution based on Porteus Linux. Porteus itself is a fork of Slax that has been brought up to date with Slackware 13.37 and uses a kernel. Porteus can use binary packages from Slackware 13.37 after conversion to Porteus' native format.
Christians 4 Computers
The C4C Lubuntu ReSpin is a Christian Linux distribution based on Lubuntu (light Ubuntu). This Ubuntu derivative is stable, free, and easily installed on most any computer manufactured in the last decade. It includes an array of Christian software and media, as well as useful secular packages.
Caine Linux
CAINE (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment) is an Italian GNU/Linux live distribution created as a project of Digital Forensics Currently the project manager is Nanni Bassetti. CAINE offers a complete forensic environment that is organized to integrate existing software tools as software modules and to provide a friendly graphical interface.
CentOS Linux
CentOS exists to provide a free enterprise class computing platform to anyone who wishes to use it. CentOS 2, 3, and 4 are built from publically available open source SRPMS provided by a prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor.
Chakra Linux Chakra is a free, user-friendly and extremely powerful liveCD and/or distribution based on the award winning KDE Software Compilation. Chakra is by default a GTk free distribution specially made for run Qt based applications...
Chitwanix Linux Chitwanix OS is a Free and Open Source Operating system software developed from Chitwan, Nepal using Linux Kernel which is based on Free Open Source Software. Chitwanix OS released its first version with code name Kadey Vyakur (Spiny Babbler).
Clonezilla Linux
You're probably familiar with the popular proprietary commercial package Norton Ghost®, and its OpenSource counterpart, Partition Image. The problem with these software packages is that it takes a lot of time to massively clone systems to many computers. You've probably also heard of Symantec's solution to this problem, Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition® with multicasting. Well, now there is an OpenSource clone system (OCS) solution called Clonezilla with unicasting and multicasting!

CloudUSB Linux
Keep your data and yor programs in your pocket; use them on every computer you find without worrying about letting around some unwanted logs and this without giving away your data security or privacy! This is a USB key containing your operating environment and your data.

CrunchBang Linux
CrunchBang Linux is an Ubuntu based distribution featuring the lightweight Openbox window manager and GTK+ applications. The distribution has been built and customised from a minimal Ubuntu install. The distribution has been designed to offer a good balance of speed and functionality.

Cyborg Linux
The most advanced, powerful and yet beautiful penetration testing distribution ever created.Lined up with ultimate collection of tools for pro Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Experts. Simplify security in your IT infrastructure with Cyborg. Its real strength comes from the understanding that a tester requires a strong and efficient system,that benefits from a strong selection of tools, integrated with a stable linux environment.

Daxos Linux
Dax OS is a lightweight distro, uses enlightenment as desktop and window manager, the resources consumed are minimal, 128 MB of RAM minimum and recommended 256-512 MB hard disk space 3GB, 5GB recommended.

Deepin Linux
Deepin operating system desktop version is the depth of technology release easy to use, safe and reliable domestic operating system, the system can support x86 and Godson and other domestic CPU platform, can replace the Microsoft Windows operating system to meet the needs of different users of the work and entertainment.

Deft Linux
DEFT Linux 6 is based on the new Kernel 2.6.35 (Linux side) and the DEFT Extra 3.0 (Computer Forensic GUI) with the best freeware Windows Computer Forensic tools.

Dragora Linux
Independent. Dragora is an independent project and a GNU/Linux distribution not based on any other. Therefore, we avoid inheriting the technical and ethical problems of being based on a distribution outside our control. Another advantage: being an independent project, we are not subject to commercial interests, or any interests other than our own.

Dream Linux
Dreamlinux is a free, modern and modular GNU/Linux system. It can be run directly from a CD/DVD/USBStick and optionally be installed to a HDD, including IDE, SCSI, SATA, PATA and USB drives.
Dreamstep Linux
This 64 bit OS is based on Debian and the latest Window Maker from Debian, originally from sources put out by Carlos Mafra and crew. It includes several custom apps, as well as a custom desktop layout.
State-of-the-art video- and audiophile Operating System with the eAR Media Center eAR OS is a state-of-the-art Operating System. It can run directly from a Live-CD and optionally be installed to a hard disk. That means you can try it out before you install it - for FREE!
We make use of a highly awarded desktop environment which has been customized for easier usage. After a default install, easys offers single-purpose applications instead of including several similar utilities that may lead to confusion. With easys you can listen to your music, surf the web, chat, make documents, watch movies and much more.
Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Fedora is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It is built by people across the globe who work together as a community: the Fedora Project.
FreeBSD Linux
FreeBSD 7.0, released February 2008, brings many new features and performance enhancements. With a special focus on storage and multiprocessing performance, FreeBSD 7.0 shipped with support for Sun's ZFS
Frugalware Linux
Frugalware is a general purpose linux distribution, designed for intermediate users (who are not afraid of text mode). We have a current and a stable branch. The current branch is updated daily, and we update our stable branch around every 6 months.
gnuArtist Linux
gnuArtist is an artistic distribution like OpenArtist and ArtistX, providing the end-user with tools for digital content creation. The software provided grew out of what these distributions lacked.
gOS 3 Gadgets instantly launches Google Gadgets for Linux on startup, introducing over 100,000 possible iGoogle and Google Gadgets to the desktop. Google Documents, Calendar, and Mail launch in Mozilla Prism windows to closer resemble desktop applications.
Gosalia Linux
Gosalia is a Fast, Flexible and Reliable Operating System for all. It has been built for ease of access for users of all ages.
Greenie Linux is a Slovak desktop distribution based on Ubuntu and optimised for users in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Created as an operating system for every-day use, Greenie Linux combines a set of applications for home use, out-of-the-box functionality and Ubuntu repositories. The goal of this distribution is to create a user-friendly desktop system and a useful live CD.
Grml Linux
Grml provides an excellent selection of software packages for installation, deployment and system rescue. You'll get sysadmin's favourite tools. Choose between a x86 and an amd64 version depending on your needs or just grab the multiboot ISO grml96, providing 64bit and 32bit ISOs in one single place.
Hymera is a Linux distribution developed for being implemented or on complex infrastructures of management, or in simple local atmospheres. It introduces itself with innovative a graphical interface and simple to use, cured in every detail, it confers to the system a clean and clear aspect.
Just Use Linux
Just Use Linux or JULinux is in a nutshell is a complete replacement for Windows and Apple / Macintosh operating systems and software. It is free of cost and free of restrictions as in freedom of choice. There are no strings attached and it's not snake oil.
KahelOS Linux
Kahel OS is based on Arch Linux. Kahel OS is the first and remains to be the only Filipino Linux Distro with the rolling release model on Arch Linux + GNOME. In the community, it is the first to release (non-beta) such Linux OS on Arch Linux + GNOME.
Kali Linux

Kali Linux is an open source project that is maintained and funded by Offensive Security, a provider of world-class information security training and penetration testing services. In addition to Kali Linux, Offensive Security also maintains the Exploit Database and the free online course, Metasploit Unleashed.

Knoppix Linux
KNOPPIX is a bootable Live system on CD or DVD, consisting of a representative collection of GNU/Linux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals. KNOPPIX can be used as a productive Linux system for the desktop, educational CD, rescue system, or adapted and used as a platform for commercial software product demos.
Kongoni Linux
Kongoni is the Shona word for a Gnu (also known as a Wildebeest) the animal which inspired the name of the GNU operating system. The name represents the spirit and history of Kongoni, a GNU/Linux operating system of African origin. Kongoni is a desktop oriented operating system with a strong belief in being truly free software.
Kwheezy Linux
Kwheezy is Debian 7 (Wheezy), with a pre-configured KDE desktop experience and a good selection of GNU/Linux/Open Source software. Kwheezy is a Debian based operating system designed for general purpose desktop computing.
Lemur Linux
Liquid Lemur Linux (Lemur) is a custom Debian distro, based on the Testing branch. Currently we have two desktops available, Xfce and Window Maker. Both are available in 32bit (i386) or 64bit (amd64). Lemur includes the latest Xfce (4.8) or Window Maker (0.94.0-crm), a customized Cairo Dock, Liquorix and Debian kernel...
Linux Gamers is one of the biggest linux-gaming communities with an integrated multi-gaming-clan. On this page you will find latest Linux gaming related news, a big moderated forum, a huge HOWTO collection and other information about the community and the clan.
Based on Ubuntu, Linux 2.6, Gnome 2.24 and Xorg 7.4, Linux Mint comes with a brand new "Software Manager", FTP support in mintUpload, proxy support and history of updates in mintUpdate.
LinuxShark LinuxShark is based on opensuse 11.2 and The Linux Kernel Version, It is regularly updated with the latest security patches and Kernel upgrades. You are always safe.
Maads Linux Penetration Testing Evolved. MAADS SEC is proud to launch Pakistan's 1st Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Operating System . For those of you who are wondering why Maadstrack is different. Here is a short list of reasons & it's Features: 8 different interfaces for KDE and GNOME(32-bit only) for maximum personalization, User friendly Login interface, All the updated tools that are not available in Backtrack along with many Windows Utilities (mainly Skype and Team-viewer), All the utilities primarily integrated and built-in for home use as well, Consists of ubuntu software center so that you can download any other application or game from ubuntu official website. Modified Linux kernel 3.2.44 with Ubuntu 12.04.2 OS framework, Support every System and architecture and driver.
Mageia Linux Mageia is a GNU/Linux-based, Free Software operating system. It is a community project, supported by a nonprofit organisation of elected contributors. Our mission: to build great tools for people. Further than just delivering a secure, stable and sustainable operating system, the goal is to set up a stable and trustable governance to direct collaborative projects.
Mandriva Linux One 2009 is the best way to start using Linux. A full Linux operating system on a single CD for both new and experienced Linux users, it is fast to download and install, and also safe to try with a live mode.
Matriux Linux
The Matriux is a phenomenon that was waiting to happen. It is a fully featured security distribution based on Debian consisting of a powerful bunch of more than 300 open source and free tools that can be used for various purposes including, but not limited to, penetration testing, ethical hacking, system and network administration, cyber forensics investigations, security testing, vulnerability analysis, and much more.
Mepis Linux
Why SimplyMEPIS 8.0 Linux? SimplyMEPIS just works! It is pre-configured for simplicity and ease of use, even for beginners SimplyMEPIS features unique hardware detection and a superior configuration SimplyMEPIS allows you to test and try without installation to see if it suits you and your needs
Moblin Linux
Moblin is an open source project focused on building a Linux-based platform optimized for the next generation of mobile devices including Netbooks, Mobile Internet Devices, and In-vehicle infotainment systems. The central piece of the architecture is the common layer we call "Moblin Core"
This is moonOS LXDE Edition 2 , codename Kachana, based on moonOS Main Edition 2, Linux 2.6.27-11, LXDE and Xorg 7.4, moonOS LXDE Edition 2 \u201cKachana\u201d comes with a new tool \u201cmoonDomain\u201d, \u201cmoonGrub\u201d, \u201cmoonMetacity\u201d \u201cmoonUpgrader\u201d and a lot of other improvements.
MX Linux
MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the antiX and former MEPIS communities, using the best tools and talents from each distro. It is a midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance and medium-sized footprint. Thanks to its high stability, easy learning curve and good looks, MX Linux makes a great no-fuss system for all types of users and applications.
Musix Linux
The development team of Musix GNU+Linux is proud to present version 3.0 Release Candidate 2. We didn’t found serious bugs, so we corrected the known ones and we think this is a great release. If nothing weird happens in the span of about two weeks, this will be the Musix 3.0 stable that we were all waiting for. Then we will make some improvements for Musix 3.1 (MusixControl running graphically) but there should be minor differences. The installable Live DVD RC2 was released to get reports from users but it’s 99.9% a final stable release.
Neptune Linux
Neptune is a GNU/Linux Distribution for desktops based fully upon Debian 7.0 ('Wheezy'), except for a newer kernel and some drivers. It ships with a modern KDE Plasma Desktop with its main view on a good looking multimedia system which allows for getting work done. It also is a system which is flexible and very useful on usb sticks. Therefore we developed easy to use applications like USB Installer aswell as a Persistent Creator that allows you to store changes to your system on your live usb stick.
Netrunner Linux
Netrunner is built on Kubuntu with default integration of Gnome and Wine. Our focus is on new users as well as “power-users”, making KDE an ideal choice. It allows Netrunner to feel comfortable for a new user, while still offering powerful customization options (with inclusion of additional add-ons) to any user wanting to explore the possibilities of FLOSS.
NetSecL Linux is by default with hardened configuration leaving the distribution at a security level where it is still usable and providing the tools needed to test your security. GrSecurity and it's firewall are features that makes the distribution unique along with specially compiled packages.
OpenGEU, previously known as Geubuntu, is a complete and fully functional Operative System based on the popular Linux Distribution Ubuntu. OpenGEU is perfect for any Desktop, Laptop PC or even for a Virtual Machine.
OpenSolaris offers free, built-in features that help you build, debug and deploy new applications faster. It's is an operating system (OS), an open source project licensed under CDDL, and a community. The project's goals are innovation, collaboration, and the extension of OpenSolaris technology.
The 11.1 release includes a ton of new features and improvements, an improved desktop experience with GNOME 2.24 and KDE 4.1.3, 3.0, YaST improvements, updated Linux kernel, and much more. The openSUSE project is a worldwide community program sponsored by Novell that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. The program provides free and easy access to openSUSE.
OS4 Linux
One of the things we try to improve on with our releases is the user experience. We want to deliver a system that is beautiful, intuitive and that is easy to use for our users so with that we made some improvements to the iconset, we went with the radiance themes and ambiance themes for XFCE and we also introduced a bunch of new backgrounds so users can beautify their desktops any way they see fit. We also went from a two panel layout to the one panel layout that Linux users have become accustomed to. So you have a clearly distinguishable Menu icon, taskbar and indicator icons all along the bottom one panel. This is what users seem to want and thats what we are delivering on our consumer desktop releases. This also includes PC/OS Enterprise Desktop 4.1.5.
Pardus Linux
Pardus 2009, the latest version of the Pardus Project, a GNU/Linux being actively developed in TÜBİTAK UEKAE (National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology) and easy to install and use no matter the user's experience level, is made available to users all around the globe. Any and every application a desktop user might need is included in the Install CD of Pardus 2009.
Parsix Linux
Parsix GNU/Linux is a live and installation CD derived from KANOTIX and based on Debian. It is a complete GNOME centric desktop oriented distribution. Parsix GNU/Linux supports dozens of languages including English
Parted Magic
The Parted Magic OS employs core programs of GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful programs.
PC-BSD is a complete desktop operating system, which has been designed with the "casual" computer user in mind. It offers the stability and security that only a BSD-based operating system can bring, while as the same time providing a comfortable user experience, allowing you to get the most out of your computing time
PCLinuxOS is an English only install and live CD initially based on Mandrake Linux. It runs entirely from a single CD. Data on the CD is uncompressed on the fly, making all of the 2GB of software ready to use. A complete X server, KDE desktop,, and many more applications are readily available. After you've installed PCLinuxOS, additional packages can be added or removed from your hard drive using apt-get with the Synaptic frontend.
Being based on Ubuntu Linux all software and hardware that is compatible with Ubuntu is compatible with PC/OS. Our mission statement is summed up in two words "Simplified Computing"
Pear Linux
Pear Linux is a French distribution. The purpose of Pear Linux is to create an operating system based on linux (ubuntu mini remix) and propose a simple butpowerful interface.
penaOS Linux penaOS is a linux distribution that aims to help people to write scientific articles. Basically it integrates openoffice with zotero, a plug-in of the browser Mozilla Firefox
PeppermintOS Linux
We’re proud to be here working on Peppermint and when you see it I think you’ll understand our enthusiasm. At eppermint, we’re committed to giving you a system that won’t throw you for a loop while trying to get things settled in.
Point Linux
Point Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution that aims to combine the power of Debian GNU/Linux with the productivity of MATE, the Gnome 2 desktop environment fork. Point Linux provides an easy to set up and use distribution for users, looking for a fast, stable and predictable desktop.
Poseidon Linux was designed as a friendly and complete desktop, based on open source software and aimed at the Brazilian/International scientific community. This operating system is based on Ubuntu and inspired by Quantian Linux.
Puppy Linux
Puppy Linux is an operating system for computers. Other well-known operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and MS-DOS. Puppy Linux is based on GNU/Linux. It is completely free and open source software. Small size, usually less than 100MB! This lends itself to some very useful and unique features 'Live' booting from CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, and other portable media.
PureOS Linux
PureOS comes with the best free/libre privacy and security software and apps for privacy “out of the box” — including the Duck Duck Go search engine and HTTPS: Everywhere bundled into our official web browser, PureBrowser. PureOS helps you surf the web safely, without being tracked by advertisers or marketers.
Our dream is called Sabayon. You know it, the best way to realize your dreams is waking up and start moving, never lose hope and always keep up.
Shark Linux
SharkLinux offers countless features underneath the hood. Whether you're a casual user looking for a top level desktop experience or a developer looking to make the next great application, SharkLinux has you covered. Built on Xenial LTS, SharkLinux has the most supported foundation available within a Linux environment and is guaranteed to see support/updates until 2021.
Sidux Linux
On 24 of November 2006 sidux was formed by a group of people whom wanted to be the best Debian sid live distro and hard disk install distro available. With milestones and planned releases timetabled so as to give stability to corporate and home users a definable path over time.
Singularity Linux
Singularity Linux is a Linux distribution based off of Linux Mint 9 Fluxbox, and utilities both the Fluxbox window manager and the Gnome desktop environment. Singularity Linux needs a DVD or USB drive to install from, and will run in the Fluxbox environment on fairly old computers.
Slackware Linux
The Official Release of Slackware Linux by Patrick Volkerding is an advanced Linux operating system, designed with the twin goals of ease of use and stability as top priorities. Including the latest popular software while retaining a sense of tradition, providing simplicity and ease of use alongside flexibility and power, Slackware brings the best of all worlds to the table.
Slax is a modern, portable, small and fast Linux operating system with a modular approach and outstanding design. Despite its small size, Slax provides a wide collection of pre-installed software for daily use, including a well organized graphical user interface and useful recovery tools for system administrators.
SME Server
SME Server is a leading Open Source distribution for small and medium enterprises. It is a simple, powerful, secure Linux server for networking and communicating, used by thousands of individuals, companies and organizations all over the world. SME Server provides a friendly, free alternative to expensive proprietary software, standing apart from the competition by shipping with most common functionality preconfigured, and features a number of popular additional enhancements in the form of downloadable Contributions.
Snow Linux
Snowlinux 4 "Frosty" is the latest release based upon Ubuntu 13.04. MATE 1.6, the default desktop environment, and Cinnamon 1.8 and run perfectly. While MATE 1.6 was mostly improved technically, Cinnamon 1.8 was improved with an unified control center and an own screensaver. Snowlinux 4 "Frosty" uses the latest technologies and has an updated package base.
Solus Linux
Solus is empowered by the shared vision of a strong community working for a common goal. All developments and improvements to Solus are by people who want to use their computers just like you do. Solus stands strong on an open platform, powered by industry-proven technologies, including GNU/Linux*.
Solus Linux
In 2013, Arjen Balfoort founded SolydXK to set up an operating system, together with the community, which aims to create a working environment for companies and home users. Stability, data security, privacy, self-direction and freedom of personal choice are the foundations on which SolydXK is built. This is the community site of SolydXK. SolydXK is an open source operating system for small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and home users.
Sparky Linux SparkyLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution created on the top of Debian GNU/Linux operating system. Sparky is fast, lightweight and fully customizable OS which offers a few versions for different users and different tasks.
SuperUbuntu Super OS (formerly: Super Ubuntu) is just a modified version of Ubuntu 10.10 with the goal of making it more usable (see: Super OS and Ubuntu),
System Rescue Linux
SuperX can be used by anyone who needs a secure, stable and always working desktop operating system. SuperX comes pre-installed with Office suite, multimedia software, video editing and image editing software and many more software that covers most of the computing needs out-of-the-box.
System Rescue Linux
SystemRescueCd is a Linux system rescue disk available as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick for administrating or repairing your system and data after a crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the partitions of the hard disk. It comes with a lot of linux software such as system tools (parted, partimage, fstools, ...
Tails Linux

Tails is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD or a USB stick. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity, and helps you to use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship; all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network; leave no trace on the computer you are using unless you ask it explicitly; use state-of-the-art cryptographic tools to encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging.

Tiny Core Linux

Tiny Core Linux is a very small (10 MB) minimal Linux Desktop. It is based on Linux 2.6 kernel, Busybox, Tiny X, Fltk, and Jwm. The core runs entirely in ram and boots very quickly. It is not a complete desktop nor is all hardware completely supported.

Also named Tsurugi LAB. Tsurugi is an heavily customized Linux distribution designed to support your DFIR investigations, malware analysis and open source intelligence activities. In this distribution are included the latest versions of the most famous tools you need to conduct an in-depth forensic or incident response investigation and several useful features like device write blocking at kernel level, an OSINT profile switcher and much more!

Ultimate Boot CD
You need the Ultimate Boot CD if you want to: Run floppy-based diagnostic tools from CDROM drives. More and more PCs are shipped without floppy drives these days, and it is such a royal pain when you need to run diagnostic tools on them.
Ubuntu is a community developed, Linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers.
Ubuntu Christian Edition
Ubuntu Christian Edition is a free, open source operating system geared towards Christians. It is based on the popular Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. The goal of Ubuntu Christian Edition is to bring the power and security of Ubuntu to Christians. Ubuntu Christian Edition is suitable for both desktop and server use.
Ultimate Edition 2.0 is built based off Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (daily build), by hand, it is w/o a doubt gorgeous. I am releasing a 32 bit, 64 Bit & and a Gamers edition (x86 based). Ultimate Edition 2.0 is loaded to the hilt with themes, wallpapers, icon sets, gdm login screens, and Usplashes. If you have a 64 bit processor I highly recommend the 64 bit edition.
Ultima Linux is a fast, powerful, and above all convenient computer operating system, available for Intel and AMD-based personal computers. It emphasizes a \u201ccommon sense\u201d approach to development, and eases common system administration tasks through a largely set-it-and-forget-it mentality. Ultima has since evolved into a highly stable distribution supporting both desktop and server capabilities, and enjoys much of its popularity as an alternative to proprietary products such as Microsoft Windows.
Univention Server Linux
Univention Corporate Server 4.3 includes a refreshed management system, including new design that puts key information at administrator’s fingertips, allowing immediate access to relevant menus and options. Identity and infrastructure management modules are divided into seven clearly defined and differentiated categories, allowing administrators to always identify their positions within the management system. Special care has been taken to optimize the UMC for smaller screens, giving it a responsive and easy-to-use design independent from devices used to access it.

Vector Linux
Speed, performance, stability -- these are attributes that set VectorLinux apart in the crowded field of Linux distributions.The creators of VectorLinux had a single credo: keep it simple, keep it small and let the end user decide what their operating system is going to be.

Their message is simple. Light - Fast - Now Use your computers in a lightweight but fully featured way using less energy. The operating will run on low power computers and recycled systems keeping you working and playing with all the features you expect.. It will be fast and easy, and now is the right time to rethink our energy use and computers in our daily lives. We are actively looking for developers and supporters in our efforts to create a low power operating system that can be used personally and commercially. contact us and watch for updates to get involved.

Wolfer Linux
Wolfer is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx. Wolfer made with the focus to be used by Linux users who are new to linux and want to learn to use Linux as an operating system from a paid alternative. Wolfer project started around the beginning of 2010. After experiencing many obstacles and problems, Wolfer finally released with the codename "Zero". Wolfer free and without having to pay anything. You only need to pay for internet connection to download it and burn the ISO it on cd or dvd, then run on your computer, or you can run it using Virtual Machine software, such as Virtual Box, VMware, or QtEmu.

Yellow Dog Linux
An open source, Linux operating system for home, office, server, and cluster users. Built upon the RHEL/CentOS core, Terra Soft and now Fixstars has since the spring of 1999 developed and maintained YDL for the Power architecture family of CPUs. This focus and dedication has lead to the world's leading Linux for the Power architecture.

Zenwalk Linux
Zenwalk's Standard Edition is a complete GNU/Linux operating system for both Desktops and Laptop/Notebook systems but is also easily customizable for use in servers and multimedia centers.
Zorin Linux
Zorin OS is a multi-functional operating system designed specifically for Windows users who want to have easy and smooth access to Linux. It is based on Ubuntu which is the most popular Linux operating system in the world. Zorin OS features our unique Look Changer program that we have created exclusively for Zorin OS. It allows users to change the user interface at the touch of a button. Other unique programs include Splash Screen Manager, Internet Browser Manager and Background Plus.